Tech Support Drop-Ins for Volunteers


Please note that these drop-ins have been cancelled until further notice!
If you need help with one of technical tools,
please contact Laura Parker for a one-on-one.


Whether you are an absolute beginner or just need a bit of extra help, experts on our team are at the ready to help you learn the communications apps we're using on this campaign.

Why: Effective, peer-to-peer team communication is key to running a successful campaign. We want to make sure that all our volunteers receive the support they need to get the most out of our chosen communication tools.

When: Every Thursday evening, from 7-8pm

Where: Sidney campaign office, 9775 2nd Street 

or via Video conferencing on Zoom. Contact us and we can send you the registration link for meeting via Zoom. You'll be able to choose the sessions you wish to attend.





This is our primary team communication platform. It's a private team communication and messaging app and has a reputation as a game changer for volunteers working together on a political campaign.


Watch this short video which explains how it works

Here is a list of some other apps that are useful to know depending on how you're serving the campaign:

  • Google Tools
  • Trello (group workflow management)
  • Twitter (Social media messaging)
  • Sparkpost (Easily create high quality memes to post on social media)
  • Instagram (photo and video-based social sharing app)
  • Zoom: easy-to-use video conferencing app. Cuts down on travel. Indispensable app for teams to stay connected

We're here to offer the help you need!

Can't attend in person?

You can attend these meetings via Zoom video conferencing. Contact us to receive and registration link. You'll be able to choose the sessions you wish to attend.