Tech Support Drop-Ins for Volunteers


Please note that since the campaign has ended, these weekly drop-ins have been cancelled.
If you need help with one of our technical tools,
please contact Laura Parker for a one-on-one coaching session.



This was our primary team communication platform. It's a private team communication and messaging app and has a reputation as a game changer for volunteers working together on a political campaign.


Watch this short video which explains how it works

Here is a list of some other apps that the campaign found useful:

  • Google Tools
  • Trello (group workflow management)
  • Twitter (Social media messaging)
  • Sparkpost (Easily create high quality memes to post on social media)
  • Instagram (photo and video-based social sharing app)
  • Zoom: easy-to-use video conferencing app. Cuts down on travel. Indispensable app for teams to stay connected