Include Elizabeth May in the 2015 Leaders' Debates!

Leaders' debates that exclude Elizabeth are missing an important voice for democracy. Over 80% of Canadians in a recent EKOS poll said they want Elizabeth included. Add your voice to protest!

Canadians want and deserve to hear the Green Party Leader Elizabeth challenge the other federal leaders in the Globe and Mail, Munk, and TVA debates, too.  Globe and Mail and Munk Debates need to hear from Canadians that Elizabeth is needed. Sign our petition below, sign the Green Party of Canada petition too, and write or email:

Globe & Mail
Address: 444 Front Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 2S9
Phone: 1-416-585-5000

The Munk Debates
Address: The Munk Debates c/o The Aurea Foundation, The Gate House, Massey College, 4 Devonshire Place, Toronto, ON M5S 2E1


Adding insult to injury, Mulcair's refusal to participate in the televised National Broadcasters’ debates is a clear attempt to shut Elizabeth May out. These are the debates that will be seen by at least 14 million Canadians from coast to coast to coast. has a petition to sign asking all leaders to participate.

 "Democracy is worth fighting for" (Elizabeth May, Green Party Leader).


Who's signing

Anna Romano
Des Raynor
Gordon Nicholls
Neil Finnie
Darren Kacer
Catlin casey stewart
Jeanette Campbell
Darren Devlin
Janeen Wallwork
Judy McLaren
Eileen Wood
Tim Groenenberg
joseph bullock
Verna Hall
april wells
Theresa Barker
Janet Forth
Wendy Vine
Stuart Weiss
Tom Wilkinson
Michael Fouche
Claire Allen
Jasmine North
Jonathan Lum
Linda Berthiaume
Michael Aronoff
Lucille Ross
Bill Foster
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  • Anna Romano
    signed 2015-08-31 08:01:25 -0700
  • Des Raynor
    signed 2015-08-31 00:53:14 -0700
    It is imperative that all parties in the election should have opportunity to participate in the debates. This will help to maintain transparency in our democracy.
  • Gordon Nicholls
    signed 2015-08-30 09:11:07 -0700
  • Neil Finnie
    signed 2015-08-29 20:18:11 -0700
    What nonsense that Elizabeth May’s contributions will not be heard in all the debates. She deserves much better.
  • Darren Kacer
    signed via 2015-08-29 17:41:02 -0700
  • Catlin casey stewart
    signed 2015-08-27 01:57:58 -0700
  • Jeanette Campbell
    signed 2015-08-26 10:36:14 -0700
    Globe & Mail readers are outraged that Elizabeth May is not being included in these debates!
  • Darren Devlin
    signed 2015-08-22 01:04:32 -0700
    We need May in these debates more than ever. It is unacceptable to exclude her voice.
  • Janeen Wallwork
    signed 2015-08-21 16:46:45 -0700
  • Judy McLaren
    signed 2015-08-21 13:59:38 -0700
    Elizabeth May NEEDS to be included in the debate!!!!!!!
  • Eileen Wood
    signed 2015-08-20 19:39:36 -0700
  • Tim Groenenberg
    posted about this on Facebook 2015-08-20 19:32:15 -0700
    Sign the petition: Include Elizabeth May in the 2015 Leaders' Debates!
  • Tim Groenenberg
    @timgroenenberg tweeted link to this page. 2015-08-20 19:32:11 -0700
    Sign the petition: Include Elizabeth May in the 2015 Leaders' Debates!
  • Tim Groenenberg
    signed 2015-08-20 19:31:46 -0700
  • joseph bullock
    signed 2015-08-20 12:47:23 -0700
  • Verna Hall
    signed 2015-08-19 17:40:44 -0700
    Of course Elizabeth must be included in all debates!!! Furthermore, Canadians of all political stripes respect and admire her. Her contribution to civilized discourse is more than reason enough to welcome her to debate with her fellow parliamentarians.
  • april wells
    signed 2015-08-19 12:51:51 -0700
    media conglomerates should not be deciding who goes on the debate. we need a law for this. the americans have one. during the election, this would be a telling question for the candidates.

    and remember, the three major parties do not have many ‘free’ votes by those elected. the sitting member must vote what the party says. i believe with the green party that all sitting members will vote their conscience and good sense, rather than what the party says.

    i find it disgusting that the three biggies do not want elizabeth there. remember, bad news can be attention getting
  • Theresa Barker
    signed 2015-08-19 07:27:03 -0700
  • Janet Forth
    signed 2015-08-18 15:05:42 -0700
  • Wendy Vine
    signed 2015-08-18 14:43:12 -0700
  • Stuart Weiss
    signed 2015-08-18 13:34:18 -0700
  • Tom Wilkinson
    signed 2015-08-18 13:05:08 -0700
    If you have member(s) in parliament you should be included in the leaders debates: democracy ay work.
  • Michael Fouche
    signed 2015-08-18 12:53:16 -0700
  • Claire Allen
    signed 2015-08-18 11:54:37 -0700
  • Jasmine North
    signed 2015-08-18 11:27:53 -0700
  • Jonathan Lum
    signed 2015-08-18 09:50:37 -0700
  • Linda Berthiaume
    signed 2015-08-18 08:56:29 -0700
  • Michael Aronoff
    signed 2015-08-16 20:35:32 -0700
  • Lucille Ross
    signed 2015-08-16 16:11:57 -0700
  • Bill Foster
    signed 2015-08-15 14:14:18 -0700