Executive Committee

The following dedicated individuals were elected at the
2017 Annual General Meeting (AGM)
of the Saanich-Gulf Islands (SGI) - Green Party of Canada (GPC) -
Electoral District Association (EDA)

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Michael.jpgMichael Strumberger (CEO and Chair of EDA Outreach)
Salt Spring Island
1 year term

I grew up in North Saanich and have lived in this riding for most of my life. Currently I live and work on Salt Spring Island as a graphic/web designer, honeybee keeper and organic farmer.

I’ve had the honour of serving as secretary to this executive for three years. This year I’ve also chaired our new vision committee, guiding our process of identifying our vision, values and objectives for the coming years.

This is a very exciting time for Greens. Our riding association—due to inspiring leadership and remarkably engaged members—is uniquely positioned to offer service to the Green Party of Canada as it strengthens and matures to be a positive game-changer to Canadian governance.

As CEO I welcome the chance to continue serving this EDA and look forward to expanding on the success of our visioning work, reaching out to other EDAs to offer support as they build their own capacity—empowering our party as a whole.


sharon.jpgSharon Forester (Financial Agent and Chair of Financial Planning)
North Saanich
1 year term

My role as financial Agent includes financial reporting to the Executive and Elections Canada and preparing tax receipts for our donors. I was also the official agent for the 2015 election campaign.

I began volunteering with SGI before the 2011 election. I was so impressed by Elizabeth that I started canvassing and working in the office. After that election I volunteered to join the Board as Financial Agent, the position I've had for 4 years now.

Before that I was a retired CA, and I had spent 15 years of my career with the BC Ministry of Environment. After retiring I had gone back to university and took environmental courses, including one from Andrew Weaver about climate change. That is the issue that motivates me to keep working with the Green Party.


Gary.jpgGary Searing (Chair of Events and Community Outreach)
North Saanich
2 year term

I have been voting for the Green Party since the 1990’s. As a wildlife biologist I have been an active environmentalist since the very first Earth Day in 1971. But what draws me to the Green Party is Vision Green with its broad spectrum of progressive social, economic, democratic and environmental policies.

As a member of the Saanich Gulf Islands Electoral District Association Executive for the past year, I try to bring my experience in running a small business, executive director of a national professional association, my research/critical-thinking background and my interests in creating a “green” community in which we collectively lessen our footprint on our planet to the EDA executive to promote a professional yet progressive viewpoint. In this I am not unique in that I found all members of the EDA executive bring a passionate and professional viewpoint thus providing excellent representation for SGI members.

I strongly support a “bottom-up” approach where we build a strong network of EDAs across the country to support each other and our candidates/MP(s) now and in the future. SGI typically needs to lead the way in this networking. I also believe that our Green Party needs to continue to engage our membership (and all 37,000 Green Party supporters in our ED) personally and continuously, not just at elections.


Marcelle.jpgMarcelle Roy
Salt Spring Island
3 year term

I am a mother and grand-mother and care deeply about our world. I have been a supporter of the Green Party of Canada for decades. I wish to offer my experience and skills to support the work of the EDA because I so admire Elizabeth May and see how enormous and varied her tasks are and how desperately she needs the engagement of us Canadians.

I was a founding member of an environmental group in Ontario back in the days (late 1980s) on the eve of province wide recycling. I have been involved in Elizabeth's past 2 campaigns and I also led the charge here on SSI for Adam Olsen's campaign which gained him hundreds of seats from 2013.

I am a good organizer and manager and a strong advocate for the health of our  country & planet. Having had years to educate myself I am very aware of most environmental issues. I am bilingual and an effective communicator and team player.


Peter2.jpgPeter Schieldrop (Chair of Communications)
2 Year term

For most of my life I ignored politics. No party said anything that was of real interest, or that really changed anything. Parliament was dysfunctional and broken. Parties, each ruled with discipline by a leader, focused on getting reelected. MPs had no say, therefore having their integrity taken away, unable to represent the needs of those who elected them. 

Then I heard Elizabeth May speak and every thing changed. Here was a breath of fresh air. Something I could believe in. A different way of governing. Not just Electoral Reform, but a vision of MPs collaborating, working together, rejecting the influence of wealth and lobbying by special interests, and focused on the real problems of climate, technological change and equality.

Volunteering during the last federal election, in the Green Media Group, and being on the SGI EDA Executive for the past year,  I have been privileged be part of an inspiring grassroots community, that is working be more effective and is maturing into a significant political force.

I am 78. I am retired after 50 years in psychiatry. I have been married for 53 years and have 3 children and 7 grandchildren.  I passionately believe in the direction that our EDA is developing, and I wish to continue to serve on the Executive.


Ann_Eastman.jpgAnn Eastman (Chair of Fundraising)
Brentwood Bay
1 year term

I am grateful to serve as a volunteer on the Executive Board of Directors for the Electoral District Association of Saanich Gulf Islands. I cannot think of a better way to show my appreciation and on-going support for the Green Party of Canada and Elizabeth May, our amazing leader and MP.

Greens embody the vision and will needed to move forward and fast to help our civilization. More Green thinkers and doers are needed to support the massive shifts that have to happen to save our little blue planet from the short-sighted greed currently dominating the globe. There is no Planet B!

My training (M.Sc. in biochemistry, Ph.D. in plant physiology), work experience in academia, government, and industry give me a broad perspective on environmental issues and clean innovation opportunities. Originally from Ontario, I was privileged to move to BC for my graduate and post-graduate work, and now live in beautiful Brentwood Bay with my family and two wild and crazy Border terriers.


Tom.JPGTom Mitchell
Salt Spring Island
1 year term

I was born In 1945 in Lennox castle, Stirling, Scotland, the castle was an emergency hospital during the war - my one claim to fame. I was in Glasgow till my parents passed away and moved to England beside my elder brother in 1968.
In 1970 aged twenty four, I emigrated to Canada,  initially to Toronto where I worked for four years as a millwright at the Airport, then coming out west with a friend in 73, saw Vancouver and fell in love with the west coast, moving out the following year. After 10 years in the city my marriage broke up and I moved to SaltSpring in Dec 84.

My first involvement in politics was as an NDP voter, leaving that Party when Glen Clark railed against Greenpeace as an enemy of the Province for protecting the old growth forest. I joined the Greens in 2000 approximately and became active in Provincial and Federal campaign teams on the Island with Andrew Lewis and Ken Reulou as the candidates over three elections. In 2011, I was privileged along with Brian Smallshaw to chair a great campaign team on Salt Spring to elect Elizabeth and, lo and behold we won.

In 2015 this time with Bob Mckie as co chair we elected Elizabeth again with an even bigger majority. In Adam Olsen's campaign I was fortunate to work under the leadership of Marcelle Roy and lo and behold we won again. Elizabeth May, other great Greens and all the hard work of campaign and background volunteers is bringing the Green Vision before Canadians, we are making a difference.

I have been a member of the EDA for 6 or 7 years and very much enjoy the background activities that smooth the way for Elizabeth to do what she does so well. On Salt Spring I am involved in many activities, anti-pipeline, KAIROS and First Nation support groups, and have been with the United Church since arriving on Island, involved in Social Justice and Pastoral care committees over the years. At present I am retired as a self employed residential contractor, although still fixing up my own place, a lifetime project. I am also a caregiver for my friend Dominic George who moved into my home in January 94 and that relationship is ongoing although Dominic is now facing mobility challenges. I believe the Green voice both Federal and Provincial needs to be heard in Canada to change course from a disastrous climate crisis and would very much appreciate the opportunity to continue that work in the EDA.


Shelagh.jpgShelagh Levey (Chair of Inter-generational Engagement)
Cordova Bay
3 year term

Since 2011, I have been actively engaged in the Saanich Gulf Islands Green Party, and would value the opportunity to work with the executive committee. I am a member of the SGI Social Media Group, and have volunteered for four candidates, provincially and federally. Canvassing more than 2,000 homes has given me an insight into the needs and concerns of the electorate.

I was born and raised in Manchester, England. After graduating in education, I taught and lived in East Africa, Jamaica and Ontario before settling on the Saanich Peninsula. John and I have four children and seven grandchildren. In 1972, I read the Club of Rome report and have been actively involved in community service and environmental action ever since. Some activities include:

  • Member of a small volunteer group that introduced and organized neighbourhood recycling - the first recycling programme in Canada.
  • Introduced and led environmental education initiatives at Gordon Head Elementary School.
  • Wrote a book on environmental education, and articles for The Green Teacher.
  • Edited Watershed Connections, a quarterly publication to provide property owners with information to protect and restore the Prospect Lake/Creek Watershed.
  • Director of the Prospect Lake Community Association.
  • Advisory committee member for the Rural Saanich Local Area Plan.
  • Lead steward in Pulling Together, Saanich Parks restoration programme.

This is an exciting time for the Green Party and I would like to offer my time and skills to help the party move forward, both locally and nationally, in whatever way possible. I believe in transparency and grassroots democracy. I have organizational and networking skills, and as a staff member in diverse schools, I have learned the importance of co-operation, innovation, creativity, critical thinking, and the ability to reach consensus. Thank you for considering my nomination.


Bob_Portrait_Vignette.jpgBob MacKie (Chair of Data Management)
Salt Spring Island
SKYPE RobertBMacKie
377 Baker Road
1 year term

-Immediate Past President of the Green Party of Canada
-Executive Committee Member of Saanich Gulf Islands Electoral District Association
-Co-Manager on Salt Spring Island of Elizabeth May 2015 Campaign
-Ran multiple Webinars for Green Party of Canada across Canada – from Election Readiness Update to Election Debrief with Emily McMillan
-Past Riding Association President for the Progressive Conservative Party
-Past member of Fair Vote Canada (FVC) National Council

I believe having a proportional representation (PR) voting system will improve our democracy through better representation and more consensus based governance. PR is crucial to the Green Party. It will empower progressive voters and enable the achievement of Green Party goals. My experience at the federal level within the party also leads me to also believe that Saanich Gulf Islands can help show the way for other EDAs across the country to achieve success. It is important to do so both for the party and for our leader. Bob MacKie, B. Comm, Concordia University, MBA, University of Western Ontario, MA, Simon Fraser University


Jean.jpgJean Simpson (BC Greens Liaison)
2 year term

I was born, raised and educated in Montreal. My degree is in Community Health Nursing. My 44 years of full time work experience took me to Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary and Victoria. I practiced in the fields of psychiatry, emergency, cancer clinic, moderating a new government health program, and community case management. I am now happily retired.

Ever since I became of age to vote, I did so not because of political affiliation but to honour the hard work that was done by the suffragettes. It was only until I heard about the Green Party that I have become involved as a volunteer. I am basically a "back room " worker, from delivering flyers for Don Galloway to making buttons and manning the phones for Adam Olsen's first campaign to becoming much more involved with data input, canvass map sorting etc. during Elizabeth May's last campaign and more recently with Adam Olsen's campaign. I am also a member of the Green Events team. I have participated on the SGI EDA executive for the past year which has helped me understand the broader picture about the Green Party as a whole and SGI in particular. It has been a rewarding experience, one of which I would like to continue.