Because democracy is too important to be left to politicians!

Please join us.People are tired. Tired of the same old politics. Promises are made during elections only to be broken in the hopes that we will forget before we go back to the polls. A cycle that repeats itself and if we vote at all, causes us to vote against people rather than for them.

This political grind is dominated by lobbyists and bureaucrats who don't ignore politics between elections but busy themselves to influence decisions that affect our collective future. Often that influence is steeped in the comfort of the status quo or the bias of a particular interest group.

To solve the incredible challenges of our time and build a sustainable civilization that offers hope to future generations, we have to find ways to break out of this viscous cycle. Exploring opportunities and inspiring civic action is empowering. Giving voice to the people and drawing out our citizenry to fully participate is the only way we will save our civilization.

It is our future. It is our home. It is our opportunity.

Please join us.

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