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Help us support ElizabethTo support all this activity requires your support.

We believe that a per vote funding formula for political parties would be more equitable as it would allocate taxpayer support based on our ability to earn votes. But our current funding mechanisms under the elections act doesn't do that. Instead up to 75% of donations are refunded by the federal taxpayer through a non refundable tax credit on our income tax return. This gives the larger parties that can attract huge donations an edge and diverts your tax dollars into their pockets.

We also believe that big money should not rule politics. By donating to the party that shares your values you reduce the amount of taxes you pay and you also help to divert some of the tax dollars from large income earners towards our vision for a more sustainable world. Even a small monthly donation can make a huge impact. It is your example that will inspire others to contribute, and they in turn will inspire others.

If you can not contribute financially, you can always donate some of your time to help us spread the word and champion better policies.

Yes, I believe strengthening our democracy is worth the price of a cup of coffee per month.

I would like to support this effort with a small donation.

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